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If you are studying and want to earn your educational expenses by doing a part-time job, if you are a journalist, a teacher or a professor in a university, or if you are an activist of a political party, a lawyer or a housewife, then you can also earn money by working part-time or full-time as a facilitator of STS company. Watch this video for more information. For help please call- 96 51 403 402

Income and blessings, both

Online donation drive to get Votership Right

Due to the incurable unemployment created by machines, the majority of the people of the country have been fallen into the quagmire of money crunch. Millions of people are joining the platform of Voters Party International (VPI) just because people like the conclusion of the VPI that people who are in the swamp of hardship can avoid being drowned in the swamp just by holding each other’s hands. VPI has invented a new way of holding hands. This is known as “votership”. You should only have the ability to transfer money online by mobile set to join this mission. By doing this, you can earn millions of rupees every year. Just you need to become the “facilitator” of STS to help those who intend to donate to VPI. Watch this video for information in details. For help please call- 96 51 403 402

Provide technical help to the poor and uneducated

The majority of the people of the country, who do not have andraid mobile set, do not know how to transfer money online, Sarvodaya (STS) has taken the initiative to help crores of such socially and economically oppressed people through extending technology help and assistance. We want people who are qualified to transfer money online to help the poor and the uneducated and run their family expenses by charging services from Sarvodaya (STS). For help please call- 96 51 403 402

The lives of about 80 crores are in your hands

The computer has taken away the work of educated people. Tractors, JCB and bulldozers took away the work of illiterate people. If 10 crore rich people are left out, the lives of the remaining 80 crore people will survive only if they get Votership Rights. So, the lives of 80 crore people are in your hands. People who promise employment are naïve or deliberately misguiding people. More than 80 million people can get employment in helping 800 million people across the country.

Make career in social sector

Even after 74 years of political independence, about 80 crore people of the country are deprived of minimum requirements, social justice and social security. The tool for changing governments and political parties to achieve these objectives has been missed. Even all the promises of providing employment are proving hollow. That is why it is useless to expect employment from the government or the market now. But there is immense employment opportunities in the social sector. So join Sarvodaya (STS) to pursue a career in social and political reforms. Earn money and also get blessed. For help please call- 96 51 403 402

Video for your help

You can watch videos on YouTube to find out the answers; how can you join STS; How can you use Sarvodaya (STS) software; how can you provide services of technology in achieving social, economic and political justice for all; what are the schemes for empowerment of people and what are innovative ideologies and attractive schemes STS?

Self Blissed

Crores of peace and prosperity loving people; want to donate VPI

There are many reasons for giving donations. There are many people in the world who are sad to see others fed up crisis of money. They are saddened by the possibility of rioting between two castes and sects or the possibility of war between two countries. When they come to know that Votership Rights will end the suffering of 100% of the people due to severe economic hardships and by the implementing a union of Asian countries the possibility of communal riots in India and war between India and Pakistan will be eliminated . So, people resolve to donate in form of cash and labour, both and resolve to give time to run this mission for life long and carry it out. The benefits availed by the regular donors of Voters Party International (VPI) is nothing of donations given to them.

Social Management Skill

Massive facilities in nominal donations

To life members and regular donors of party, the Voters Party International gives free legal advice by lawyers of the High Court and Supreme Court in collaboration with various other organizations, gives free medical advice from MBBS, MD doctors and doctors of other pathies, free protection from harassment of goons and police through its Human Rights Cell, gives free counselling on career of children and on family adjustment problems. The VPI provides pure goods and qualitative services to its regular donors at lower rates than the open market. The VPI provides consumers to its life-long members, who are engaged in producing good or providing some kind of services.

Democratic Justice to majority

Donation of the cost of only one meal

The VPI does not even charge large amounts of money from the people in donations. Party makes appeals to its members to donate the cost of only one meal every day of his/her food and only one day of labour and time in a month to the party. The party duly accepts the money to all. The party is also agitating to enact a law to ensure that the government should refund the money of donations donated by the poor and should refund the money assessed against labour and time paid to party by its workers at compound interest.

Teach democracy and constitution to common men

Democracy will be safe only if the Constitution is protected. People will be safe if democracy is protected. The constitution can be protected only if everyone knows the value of the Constitution. Therefore, it is the greatest need of the nation to go from village to village and from house to house and explain to every person the importance of the Constitution and real meaning of democracy. Teachers in universities get money when they deliver lectures in classes. Therefore, STS has taken the initiative to arrange money for those who do this from house to house for educating common men.

How can you become part of our mission
Join as Facilitator

The rule of the majority is called democracy. But it is ironic that the majority of the people related with poor and middle class are not able to properly argue their economic interests through their representatives. Because they are not able to give regular donations to their favourite political parties. Providing loyal lawyers to the majority of the population by visiting people door to door and taking service fee in lieu of this work is a sacred mission. Only those who do this work are called “Facilitators” in the language of the STS.

Join as seller of your goods and services

The STS is providing a platform to the producers of goods and services in the country where they can get customers and consumers. The expenses incurred in delivering pure and high quality goods and services to the market will be saved. The savings will benefit the donors, consumers and customers associated with our mission.

Join as buyer of goods and services of our mission

Due to STS platform, the DONORS connected to our mission are get helped in access of pure and high quality goods and services. Many donors do not want to buy goods from such vendors and do not want to take services from such service providers who use their profits against the mission of donors itself. Connecting consumers and vendors working on common mission is possible only by the platform of STS.

Join as investor in STS

Donors want their savings not to be invested in companies that use their profits against the mission of donors itself. STS is a company that is determined to use its profits to strengthen the real democracy and constitution. About 800 million potential customers of the company are enough to say that your investment may grow faster than investments elsewhere. So become a shareholder of this company and take your share in the profits of the STS.

How to start

You need some documents to upload their photographs to prove your KYC. You need to keep your photo, PAN card, your address and your bank account details with you to get the service fee in your account. You need a debit card for the convenience of donors. It is known that to do all this smoothly, android mobile set or laptop/desktop is required with good internet speed.

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