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Hello friends.

Are you looking for employment after completing your studies? If so, this video is useful for you. Even if you are studying and want to earn for your studies by doing a part-time job, this video is useful to you also. Even if you are providing internet related facilities to people by running a facilitation center, this video is useful for you. Even if you are a journalist, a professor in a university, a worker of political party, this video is useful for you also. Because you will surely be curious to know that how can poverty and unemployment will end?


Let’s start now.


Even after 74 years of India’s political independence, about 80 crore people of the country are deprived of minimum needs, social justice and social security. To achieve these objectives, the tool that the people had got to change governments and political parties has been missed. All the promises of providing employment are proving to be hollow. That is why it is now worthless to expect employment from the Government, or from the market. But there is an immense employment opportunity in the social sector. So you can also earn money by joining Sarvodaya Techno Solutions Private Limited Company to pursue a career in social sector. You can also serve the community and can get blessings as well from those who are served by you.


Due to the incurable problem of unemployment created by machines, the majority of the people are falling into the quagmire of money crunch. A unique solution to this problem has been invented by the Voters Party International, in short V P I . It is a political party registered with the Election Commission of India. The main stream media does not publish and broadcast the news of this party. In spite of this, millions of people are joining this party only because the VPI is not giving fake solutions to the real problems, but the party is presenting real solution to the real problems. People are liking the conclusion of the VPI that people who are drowned in the swamp of hardship can avoid getting into the swamp by holding each other’s hands only. VPI has invented a new way of holding hands. This invention is called “votership Right” on the lines of scholarship. This is a new concept of right grant of which is indispensable in this era of unemployment created by machines. As soon as this right is given, every adult person will start getting such an amount of money from the government. So that they can meet their needs. Intellectuals, MPs, journalists, administrative officials, high court and Supreme Court advocates in big numbers are associated with the campaign to get this right sanctioned. You should also join this sacred campaign. You should only have the ability to transfer money online from your mobile set. By doing this, you can earn millions of rupees. You need to become the “Facilitator” of STS Company. By helping those who intend to donate to VPI you can earn a large amount of money every month by using your mobile set or laptop,.


The majority of the people of the country, who do not have Android mobile to transfer money online, do not know reading and writing English language, do not know how to transfer money online, Sarvodaya i.e. STS has taken the initiative to help crores of such socially and economically oppressed people through technology. We want people who are able to transfer money online to help the poor, unskilled and the uneducated. In lieu of this service they can take service charge from STS to meet out their expenses and to run their  family.


You already know that computers have snatched away the work of the educated people and the work of illiterate people has been snatched away by machines like tractors, bulldozers and JCBs. If 10 crore rich people are left out, the lives of the remaining about 80 crore adult people will now be alive only if their Votership Right is sanctioned. That’s why the lives of 80 crores people are in your hands. Those who promise to provide employment in the sectors of government or market are either immature or are deliberately misleading the people. Sarvodaya Company has come forward to help the 80 crore people. More than 80 lakh people can get employment in the work of helping these 80 crore people. You can find out more detailed information by searching the company’s website www dot STS Charity dot com on internet. What is votership rights? What is special in the Voters Party International? You can learn more about this in more detail. The general public does not donate to other parties, so why do people like to donate to VPI?  You can know these reasons also through the website.

How one can join as Facilitator of STS? For this, you can see the videos available on the website. In which step by step you are told how to become a facilitator of STS. In the same website, a link to the online form to join as a facilitator is also given. By furnishing it up, you can become a facilitator and start working in a few days. You can also help your friends by forwarding this video and giving them your referral code.


Thank you for watching this video. We will meet in next video with other contents useful to you.